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Use the videos and FAQ below to learn how to use the DropOffer App.
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Once you’ve downloaded the app and signed in, head to the Profile tab and get your profile set up by uploading your headshot and logo.
how to add your headshot and logo


Utilize the OfferSphere to contact multiple off-market homeowners to see if they are interested in selling their home that matches your client’s needs. This sends out a personalized postcard mailer, email, and web ads to each of the homes you select.

Use the DropOffer feature to make an offer on that ONE home you or your clients really want! The single home DropOffer is a real offer, although non-binding, from your clients to a single homeowner. Once an offer is dropped, this sends out a personalized postcard mailer, email, and web ads to that specific homeowner. 

To go between the two is easy. Head to the home page on the app. Click on the green target icon to switch between OfferSphere mode and single DropOffer mode.

Switching between offersphere and drop offer mode

In order to drop an offer or send out postcards and emails to the OfferSphere, you’ll need Credits. You can log in at and click on Agent Login.

Yes! When a homeowner clicks on your ad you will be notified via email and in app notifications.