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off-market inventory to have more home buying
(or selling) options.

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Explore Off-Market Homes

We want to help you find your dream home.

In a high demand, low supply market, it’s important that you are educated about your options and tools to find your next home.


Search and make offers to any home, any place, anywhere.

Submit offers quickly and electronically to off-market properties.

Automatically connect with agents, lenders and owners.


Get Top Dollar for Your Home

Show your home to prospective buyers –––
privately and with no commitment.

Home buyers continue to face the biggest housing shortage in US history.

Part of what’s driving low inventory is the aging baby boomer population and more millennials deciding to buy early and upsize their homes. According to an analysis from credit bureau Transunion, between 8.3 and 9.2 million first-time homebuyers are expected to hit the market in the coming years. 

With DropOffer, sell your home easily, automatically and at a premium with just the click of a button. Tell us the most accurate information about your home to enjoy these benefits:


Receive real offers from pre-qualified buyers.

Review, accept or decline offers electronically.

Sell privately and save money.

Open Up Off-Market Inventory


Open Up Off-Market Inventory

Help your clients find what they really want.

Stay relevant to your clients and provide them more inventory to select from in their home buying process. As a DropOffer agent, you’ll have access to more buying options for your clients and can help them buy off-market homes automatically.

DropOffer connects prospective buyers or sellers to a vetted network of agents in every state.


Access off-market inventory for potential buyers

Discover and electronically share properties with your clients.

Find homes that are not on the market.

Acquire pre-qualified buyers and sellers.

Close more deals with greater ROI.