Turn the

off-market on!

DropOffer begins with patent-pending technology that allows you to find any home not currently on the market.

In a click of a button, you gain access to property information, data-backed home valuations, and the ability to submit offers electronically to homeowners.

  • Search off-market properties
  • Get detailed property and transaction history information
  • Submit offers directly to offer market homeowners via state of the art offer delivery methods
  • Find potential sellers through our OfferSphere technology
  • All with the tap of the app. Saving you time and making you look like a rockstar to your clients 


Unlock home inventory

As a real estate agent, DropOffer gives you the power to offer a unique solution to your clients who have been searching for a specific property, but unable to find it on the market. 

By introducing DropOffer to your clients, you can provide them with the ability to discover and purchase the home they’ve always wanted, rather than settling for what’s available on the market. 

How it works

The DropOffer App offers a number of key features that make buying or selling real estate more efficient.

Any home, any where. DropOffer makes it easy for you to find homes in specific areas that fit your clients needs and wants. We’ve partnered with top prop tech companies to bring you the most up to date data and valuations. All in one place, saving you time.   

The agent is always at the heart of the transaction.

The DropOffer app allows you to provide expert guidance through the home search and transaction process, seamlessly communicating to your clients in-app.

Easily and quickly share properties with your clients. You can send a note or update the photo of the property and suggest a price using your expertise. Your client can drop an offer or let you know they’re not interested. All with the click of a button. 

DropOffer allows you to send offers directly from your device to the homeowner. 

In one click, a customized landing page with the offer details on the DropOffer portal is created and the homeowners will receive a personalized postcard with a QR code to their landing page, an email, and targeted web ads*.

That’s THREE pieces of marketing being sent out with just a click of a button, saving you time and making you look like a rockstar to your clients. 

marketing pieces

Frequently Asked Questions

We are currently not accepting DropOffer account requests from those who are practicing real estate without a NRDS ID and an Active (sponsored) Realtor® status.

We will do our best to process your account within 24 hours. As the DropOffer family is rapidly expanding, please provide us a minimum of 24-48 Hours to review your account and verify your Realtor® status. If your account has not been approved within 48 hours and you have not already been notified with a status update, you may email customer care info@dropoffer.com at any time to submit a status update request.

DropOffer has capabilities to serve the entire United States. The public release of the DropOffer app will commence after the completion of our Beta Testing phase. The orientation of our release is focused on serving markets in Phoenix, Dallas Fort Worth, Houston, Atlanta, and Charlotte. However, we are currently open to receiving submissions from Realtors® like you, who believe their market would be a great fit with the DropOffer mission.

The DropOffer vision is based on our ethos that “Every home is on the market” – meaning we never list or purchase homes.
DropOffer is not an iBuyer program. We are on the opposite side of the offer spectrum. While iBuyers are looking for a home, we have buyers that are looking for your home. People have to pay to get what they want. Our mission is to foster a perfect match between homeowners and homebuyers, and facilitate the communication to get buyers what they really want, at a price that homeowners really want.
Yes, we welcome the opportunity to demo our app to your agents facilitated by you, the escrow/title office. Click on “Contact Us” above to get the conversation started. One of our team members will be in touch within 24 hours. 

We do not limit the number of offers sent from a buyer or buyers associated with your account. However, we understand the importance of maintaining the value of the DropOffer. Our value-add to homeowners is that offers are coming directly from real buyers, it’s what helps get agents’ deals to closing. We strongly recommend usage of offers only from real buyers and will always flag accounts for flagrant misuse.

We do not limit the number of OfferSpheres sent from your account. However, we understand the importance of maintaining the value of the DropOffer. Our value-add to homeowners is that OffSpheres are sent only if a real buyer is interested in purchasing a home in the area. A homeowner always has the option to opt-out of receiving OfferSpheres at any time, which keeps agents and homeowners alike happy and connected.

To start, Beta Partners will receive 10 tokens (each campaign is 1 token). Tokens can be bought in increments of 50 for $247.50 ($4.95/per campaign) in the agents portal.

We do not offer a refund, however you may cancel your subscription by emailing us at support@dropoffer.com. You will have access to your account until the next billing cycle. 

DropOffer is partnered with Stripe to receive all subscription and credit e-payments, quickly and securely. You will be charged a subscription fee on the same date each month. For example, if you sign up on January 1st, you will then be charged on the 1st of every month moving forward until you cancel your subscription.

Currently DropOffer is only available to Apple users. Our Android app is being developed and will become available soon. Hop on our launch list to find out when it drops. 

Have a question not listed here?

We’d love to hear from you. Email us at hello@dropoffer.com and a team member will be in touch within 24 hours.

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