Submit offers to
off-market homes.

Enter your favorite Realtor’s name and email and we will have them share the app with you!

Submit offers directly to homeowners.

DropOffer begins with patent-pending technology that allows you to find any home not currently on the market. In just a click of a button, you gain access to property information, data-backed home valuations, and the ability to submit offers electronically to homeowners.


The DropOffer app allows buyers to submit offers automatically with a tap of an app to off-market homeowners to get the home they REALLY want. We also allow sellers to sell effortlessly, privately and for more money.

A Homeowner receives the offer directly via multiple delivery methods including ads directly on their computers or smartphones, email and smart postcards.

No, once you’re ready to formalize the offer (on your associations proper documents) – we let you finish the Offer. Our mission is to foster a perfect match between homeowners and homebuyers, and facilitate the communication to get buyers what they really want, at a price that homeowners really want. 

Use the DropOffer feature to make an offer on that one home you or your clients really want! The single home dropped offer is a more substantial offer than the multiple home interest-indicating contact. If you don’t quite have that perfect home located to drop an offer on, that’s ok! Utilize the Offersphere to contact multiple off-market homeowners to see if they are interested in selling their home that matches you or your client’s needs to then drop an offer.